the beanie.

Your favorite coworker. A perfect everyday beanie made from a 100% extra fine eco merino wool knit and lined with a matte poly satin.

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satin interior.

Hire this beanie. Our yellow satin interior is specifically designed to be gentle on your hair and skin. Satin is known for its smoothness and hydrating properties.

Fire your old beanie. Traditional wool and acrylic beanies can actually work against you, literally. Their rough and porous surfaces create more friction, leading to frizz and breakage of your hair. Additionally, these materials tend to be more drying of your hair and skin.

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up or down.

This beanie can multitask. Flip the cuff up and wear it like a classic beanie, or flip it down for a slouchy look. Either way, the yellow silicone corporate.headquarters label will look good. 

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