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Ideas are born out of necessity, and
necessity becomes really clear when you are hungover and just want to avoid everything. Once upon a time, while reunited after a night out in the cold and snowy land of Minnesota and wearing the official weekend uniform of sweats and a beanie hat, we realized the universe needed us.

Well, maybe not the whole universe, but at least our hair. It was then that we saw a need for a beanie hat that could shield our hair from the elements associated with the brutal Minneapolis winters. While the concept of protecting hair with satin-lined scarfs, caps, and wraps is nothing new, we wanted to bring our version to the table—an everyday beanie with a satin lining.

Now, why the name Corporate Headquarters?

As we write this, we go to work every day in industries far more important than a beanie. Someday, we hope that these hats will become our Corporate Headquarters.

Ashley & Tasha